Holiday Bagels Announced!

Twas the night before December and all through the back,
not a creature was stirring, ‘cept a chef who won’t slack!

HolidayPoster_PRINT copyEach holiday season brings the fun opportunity to get creative in the kitchen and come up with new ideas to share with our guests. Of course, we had to accommodate the nationwide pumpkin craze this fall, but we did it with our own recipe and it was a hit! This season, we decided to mix it up and do something a bit different. Our bakers and chefs asked the question, “What do the holidays taste like?” After a few trials and errors, and some very tasty “almost theres”, the gingerbread bagel had been perfected. It’s slightly sweet, dense, rich, and has the perfect touch of that gingerbread spice.

For the accompanying cream cheese, many suggested the obvious. Eggnog? Vanilla? Cinnamon??
Our chefs laughed and shook their clever heads. We were all intrigued when they showed up at the office with the perfect gingery-brown bagels topped with a bright pinkish-red concoction of cream cheese on top. Gingerbread bagels with Cranberry-Orange Cream Cheese. As we sampled, we knew they’d once again hit it out of the park, and made a bagel combo that Santa himself would be proud of. Seriously, it tastes like Christmas and happiness, and we are very proud to be serving the holiday special at our Buckhead, West Paces, Dunwoody, Alpharetta, East Cobb and Toco Hills locations.

Let us know your thoughts after you try yours! Happy Holidays from Goldbergs!

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