Reuben Eggrolls Taking Over the Atlanta Appetizer Scene (Yeah, That’s a Thing).

new3As the Marketing manager for the Goldbergs Deli restaurants, one of the most fun things about my first few weeks here was trying the food. (I can’t lie…it’s a big perk of the job). One day I was sitting at my desk, working diligently as always, and I see something more to my right. Howard Aaron, one of the company owners was standing next to me holding out a plate. (When Howard Aaron holds out a plate in your direction, you take whatever is on it, trust me.)

It took me a second to realize that what I was seeing was actually what I was seeing. It was too good to be true. And yet, there they were, in all their crispy, freshly-made glory.
I looked up at Howard and said in disbelief….”Reuben EGGROLLS?” He smiled and nodded. It was true. And it was delicious.

Over the next few weeks, we would play around with the idea of serving them in the restaurants, but decide to keep perfecting (and sampling) them first. As we planned the launch of our latest specials menu, we knew it was time to start sharing the love. As of Tuesday, our ‘little appetizer that could’ rolled out out at Roswell, and on Wednesday graced West Paces with their presence. By next week, all locations will be serving them up. As a marketer, I couldn’t be more excited.

In the restaurant business, we are always looking for ways to incorporate fresh ideas with the traditions that make us who we are. This is the epitome of that! If it seems like I’m gushing a lot over an appetizer, well, maybe you’re right, but it’s only because it’s exciting to have a lot of buzz over a product you’re proud of, without even having to do a lot of advertising. Yesterday we had a woman drive over an hour and a half just to have an order of our eggrolls. Everyone who’s ordered them so far (and its been a LOT of people) has been tweeting and photographing their dish. They really add something fun to our menu without straying from the quality that we are proud of.

So, to “wrap it up” (bah dum tssss) add an order of Reuben Eggrolls to your next meal at Goldbergs. Try an order to go, and eat them while you watch your Netflix. Have them for breakfast. Enjoy, and spread the word! As always, we’d love your feedback! Email me your thoughts to or tweet us your photos and reviews @goldbergsbagel on Twitter. We’ll be listening!


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