5 Weeks 'til Goldbergs in Alpharetta Opens! Meet Matt

Haven’t heard about Avalon yet? Or want to see more?

This explains it all:

We at Goldbergs are extremely excited to be a part of this incredible community! Grand opening plans are in the works, menus are prepared and perfected, and the team is coming together to add the finishing touches. We can’t wait to welcome everyone into our NINTH Atlanta location! Heading up that team is Matt Eckardt. Matt is new to the Goldbergs family and has jumped right in, heading up the Avalon construction and carefully planning its opening and beyond. As managing partner, he will be stationed in Alpharetta once the location opens, and we are very glad to have his energy and ideas! We sat him down (not easy to do!) for a little Q and A.


What’s your favorite thing about working at Goldbergs?

It would have to be the people and the atmosphere. There is something always going on and something to do.

What are your hobbies? 

I am a HUGE waterfowler. I love going to Arkansas, to the duck club and just spending time with my dogs and buddies. Other than that, it is going to horse shows to support my wife.

What’s your favorite meal here? 

I can’t just pick one. My favorite sandwich is a Cali Rueben. My favorite salad is the new Southwestern Chicken Salad (I like to put it in a wrap). Then you have anything that Howard cooks! He is pretty good behind a grill, to say the least.

Favorite bagel and cream cheese combo?

Blueberry or Cranberry with regular CC

What will make the Avalon Goldbergs special? 

The restaurant and development is just amazing. There is nothing like it in Atlanta. We will also be the very first Goldberg’s, to offer dinner and a full bar. We have spent a lot of time trying to get the right dinner menu and atmosphere for our customers. It will truly be a great experience for  everyone!

What’s the most exciting thing about opening a new restaurant? 

 This whole experience has just been awesome. It’s the first time I can honestly say I love what I do! The most exciting thing  to think about, is all of the meals that we will have the pleasure of being a part of. Its where people come to meet their friends and family. We get to be a part of those special occasions and it’s just fascinating to think about. Nothing beats a great comforting meal and being surrounded by the ones we care most about.

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